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הנקודה מתפשטת, מתרחבת. נהיית מלבן עם שוליים אדומים בוהקים.

במציאות המדומה שנדחפת לתדהר אל תוך שדה הראיה, אל תוך המציאות, יש חלון קטן, אדום וזוהר.

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Session Start ( Wed Jan 30 15:54:29 IST 2013

*** troub ( has joined channel #Dipsey1.01.01

*** Mode for channel #Dipsey1.01.01 is "+tnl"

*** Entangled parity established. Asynchronous encryption keys exchanged. 2048 bit pufferbot tunnel ready.

*** Now talking in #Dipsey1.01.01.

*** Topic of #Dipsey1.01.01: Hello, Tidhar

*** Set by Dipsey 3 minutes ago

*** Users on #Dipsey1.01.01: troub +Dipsey

*** End of /NAMES list.

*** Channel #Dipsey1.01.01 was created at Wed Jan 30 15:51:07 IST 2013

*** Join to #Dipsey1.01.01 completed in 0 seconds.

  • Dipsey: Dipsey here. Report current Situation.
  • troub: Sir, can hardly see the fan for the shit, Sir.
  • troub: Got the following in red5 though: "Total Eclipse Occurred In Australia. Gauntlet In The Area Disappeared For At Least 20 Seconds. Penetration Levels Exceeded Measurements. Search For Results Initiated. Support Is Mandatory For All PENTEX Employees. Pass Information To Jon, Dark Eye, Dipsey, Immediately".
  • troub: Any idea why they need little ol' me to pass the info to somewhat bigger ol' you?
  • troub: Oh, and we have a few active CarPlaz engines about. Maybe that has something to do with it?
  • Dipsey: You were flagged out in StandardAISearch:World/DeadWorlds/LiveWorlds:RedZone:Intrusion:LevelRed5:
  • Dipsey: Latest Data, from 5 minutes ago, indicated a Major Intrusion. True/False? From being flagged you became a Player. Do you have any data on last Intrusion or the Original Intrusion?

* troub frowns.

  • troub: True with a capital T that rhymes with P that stands for poo. Pentex broadcast seemed to refer to specific info to pass, but if that doesn't ring a bell I'll just recap the cold hard facts.
  • troub: We have a dead body that's somehow infected – and infecting – spiritually, we have some bovine Fera glyphs about, we have a local Garou claiming that the first Thrust lasted for at least a couple of hours and included at least two perpetrators. Any of this strikes your fancy?
  • Dipsey: Two perpetrators. We reached the same conclusions. Too much Antipathic Dissonance. What is the name of the Garou who gave this information?
  • Dipsey: Currently there are no indication that the Intrusion is heading your way. But too many coincidences, too much lose energy, and the shit will heat your fan. Try do minimize Quintessence disturbances.
  • Dipsey: I need to run some tests in your area, what type of equipment‏ you have in the area? Who control the investigation?